Eli “Paperboy” Reed Gets Beyoncé’s Stamp Of Approval

Eli “Paperboy” Reed (the guy that re-made Beyoncé’s “Love On Top”) creates a funki-fied/R&B classic with “WooHoo.” There’s a monstrous sound about this track that’s literally earth shattering and will get your feet and hips moving almost instantaneously. No wonder Beyoncé gave him her stamp of approval!

The Boston-born, Mississippi- and Chicago-bred Reed has two previous albums under his belt, 2008’s Roll With You and 2010’s Come & Get It, which have earned him a fervent fan following in Europe (where he was nominated as “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” by Britain’s Mojo Magazine) and widespread critical acclaim from the U.S. media. Rolling Stone has called him “a soul singer who conquered both street corners and punk clubs with a mix of grooved-out rave-ups and slow-burning ballads,” while Spin has praised his “his boyishly furious rasp that transforms familiar blues tropes into something simultaneously self-effacing and brash.”

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