Emotional Dance: Lucidalabrador – “Zelia”

Photo Cred: Barbora Mrazkova

Photo Cred: Barbora Mrazkova



Today Is A Good Day For Friendship

Lucidalabrador is the musical moniker of Pedro Caetano Leite, a new emerging act from the vibrant scene of South-East London, who for the past year has been gradually, but surely finding new and unconventional ways of paying homage to the early 2000’s synthpop-rock acts that inspired him.  Born in Brazil, Lucidalabrador has evoked the spirits of Father John Misty, Jose Gonzalez, and Damien Rice and added that special Synth sound to create a whirl of great, personal music you can actually dance to. Helping to make the sound are Leiik in “Hurt you” and Bunki in “Yesterday Was A Good Day For Friendship”, fellow members of the South-East London scene.  Lucidalabrador also has one of the greatest names ever.  I love this guy.  Bring us more; come to the US.

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