English Punk: Hummer – “Quarter Life Crisis”

Scott Bradley


“Quarter Life Crisis”

Work. Home. Bed.

Hummer, from Warrington, England, are a great punk band.  This is that complex type of punk, melodic and lyrical at the same time, that the Buzzcocks were so good at.  According to Hummer’s bio:

Two engineers and an academic playing catchy, melodic punk music.Will and Joe originally formed as stereotypical noisy high school punk band “S.F.R” in 2004, with college classmate Cainy coming on board in 2008 at which time we also changed our name; after going through 3 drummers in 7 years Cainy moved from guitar to drums in 2011, with the lineup remaining the same ever since.

Many bands stay in the same niche, but Hummer has grown and become a great punk band.  Check them out.  Oh, their record company, Horn and Hoof Records, has a great, great line-up.  Check them out.

Oh, by the way, “Quarter Life Crisis” is the best name of a song ever.

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