Ethereal Beauty: Lake Ruth – “Extended Leave”

Lake Ruth

“Extended Leave”

If you like your music on the baroque side, with whispering vocals and obscure references from medieval libraries like I so much do, Lake Ruth is the band for you.  Their tightly wound sound supporting the vocals of Allison Brice, really take you to dusty studies, laboratories, and art galleries where there is nothing but time and knowledge and beauty that matters.

Lake Ruth was formed in 2015 by multi-instrumentalist Hewson Chen of The New Lines, drummer Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck, Enon, SAVAK) and vocalist Allison Brice (The Eighteenth Day of May, The Silver Abduction). Their expanded live line-up includes René Dennis (The New Lines), James Canty (The Make-up, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists), and David Mason (Listening Center).

The whole of the group provide this beautiful soundscape.  As Deli Magazine states:

“An engrossing listen, something akin to reading the work of Ram Dass in an abandoned East German factory”

This is music both ethereal and challenging, the two qualities music needs more of.

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