Family Values: St Van Cortlandt & The 101’s – “Like The Arrow Miss The Stone”

st. van cortlandt

St Van Cortlandt & the 101

“Like The Arrow Miss The Stone”

The Lion Tree

St Van Cortlandt & the 101’s are a great folk/blues band.  Comprised of Daniel Van Cortlandt – Vocals/Guitar; Troy Fannin – Lead Guitar/Vocals; Chika Obiora – Bass; David LeBlanc – Drums; and
Matthew Watanabe – Keyboards, St. Van Cortlandt & the 101’s are from New York.  St. Van Cortlandt & the 101 was created by singer/songwriter Daniel Van Cortlandt as a vehicle to explore computer recording techniques, home-made instruments, atypical song structures, and unique lyrical ideas. Though the roots of this exploratory process went as far back as 4-track tape and high-school uniforms, it wasn’t until Van Cortlandt migrated from Cali to NY that the hard work bore fruit in the form of a full-length debut of lush and layered indie-rock.  Getting together with the rest of the band, who all bring different but very compatible song writing techniques, the band has solidified its sound and created a great EP.  “Like The Arrow Miss The Stone” explores the whole idea of sibling worship taken to extreme.  Tremendous song that I can definitely identify with.

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