Feel Good Fantasy: The Pow Pow Family Band – “Tiny Brush Parade”

credit: Jordan Corso

Pow Pow Family Band

“Tiny Brush Parade”

All Right

Wonder where Adam Green and Kimya Dawson style of anti-folk disappeared to?  Well, be not dismayed.  Pow Pow Family Band carries on that beautiful style perfectly.  Miles Robbins, his classmate Nara Shinn, and their ever-growing group of collaborators have produced tight, obscure, off-beat pop songs that deflate all controversy and just have fun.  One line in “Tiny Brush Parade” states the President should be fed psilocybin mushrooms to see how he’d govern if he were happy.  I love that idea.  As Robbins says:

“Whether through meditative, spiritual practice, or the use of psychedelics, it seems as though the most ubiquitously reported feeling that results from the alteration of one’s perception is the desire to share that experience with others, no matter how ineffable it may be. ‘Tiny Brush Parade’ is a song about that feeling.”

I love Pow Pow Family Band.  They’re what the hell approach to pop music makes them the most fun band around.  Hail to saccharine pop.

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