Folktronic; the New Frontier: Howard – “Fool”





Coming from that crazy borough of Brooklyn comes the folktronic trio, Howard.  An extremely interesting mix of folk and electronic (hence the description), Howard reminds me of what would happen if the Mountain Goats and Bjork would have a child.  It really works.  Howard has that something the French would call I don’t know what that just works in every way.  You like electronic music, you got it.  You like folk, you got it.  Altogether, Howard combines both for a refreshing dose of rock ‘n’ roll.  They are on tour this November supporting Houndmouth.  See them if they come even within 200 miles of you.  They are worth it.  Howard is a band that is really plowing new territory, and there is plenty of room to grow.  And I hear they are honeybee friendly too.

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