Following The Footsteps of Artaud: Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith – Ivry

Soundwalk Collective (Ft. Patti Smith)


The Peyote Dance

No, this album is not for everyone, but one thing it is most certainly not, is cultural appropriation.  Let’s get that straight from the beginning.  This is a difficult album to understand, but it is so beautiful in its way.  First off, the album is a testament to the enigmatic work of Antonin Artaud, using traditional instruments of  the Rarámuri: Native Indian people who live in the Norogachi region of Mexico’s Copper Canyon, the Sierra Tarahumara.  Artaud went there to find a peyote shaman to conquer his opium addiction.  This album follows his steps.  I believe it is absolutely beautiful.  The music features the following:  Voice: Patti Smith;
Traditional Guitars: Joel Cruz Castellanos; Traditional Drums, Chapareke Snare, Chihuahua Bells: Leonardo Heiblum Foley: Nicolas Becker.  Listen to the beauty before making judgement.  Cultural appropriation is the only way humans have survived.  Grow up, people.

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