Foster The People Return with A Dance-y EP

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In 2011 Foster The People debuted their incredibly successful debut Torches, which saw the culmination of their creative efforts from years of playing clubs and small festivals to gain recognition. In 2011 music blogs were still hot, music was still kind of selling, and festivals were just beginning to become more “EDM” oriented.

Flash forward to 2017, the band has survived the sophomore slump, festivals fast conversion to EDM or higher energy music, and the stark decline of music sales. And this is why their new EP could not come at a more appropriate time.

Perhaps the most telling song on their new EP is “Doing It For The Money” in which they sing “we’re gonna get, get all we can, we’re not doing it for the money.” A song that exerts a catchy chorus with moderately-tempo’d EDM backing. “Pay The Man” is a bit more upbeat and equally as festival-friendly with their typical offering of addicting chorus’ and fun synth melodies. “S.H.C.” is a bit more reminiscent of something that could have been on Torches. Like the other songs it delivers on its dance-pop friendliness and adds its own synthetic twists.

The boys are back and we’re ready for them to deliver a full-length album, no doubt you can expect to dance to this one! Check out the audio for “Doing It For The Money” below:

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