Freaking Wonderful: The Wrecks – “Freaking Out”

The Wrecks

“Freaking Out”

Coming from LA, The Wrecks are an amazingly diverse band.  “Freaking Out” has this hip hop/punk vitality with a huge dash of psychedelia, which so fits for the whole “I feel fine/I’m freaking” lyrics.  I love this band.  The band is comprised of Nick Anderson,bassist Aaron Kelley, guitarist Nick Schmidt, and drummer Billy Nally, and together they have created a sound that sounds familiar, yet is so original.  As their bio states:

“When you allow your lyrics to be vulnerable and authentic, you allow people to look into your life and maybe see reflections of themselves that they haven’t been able to recognize yet,” says Anderson. “If you share an honest articulation of your pain and struggles and happiness or whatever it is that you’re experiencing, people will be able to apply that to their own pain and struggles and happiness.”
“That,” he concludes, “has always been the The Wrecks’ MO.”

And that MO is what makes The Wrecks a great band.

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