Frosty Coolness: Monica Lionheart – “Run”

monica lionheart

Monica Lionheart


Missed Connections

Monica Lionheart has been playing in various bands in the New York scene after graduating from Berklee College of Music and New York University, where she went on scholarships.  (That’s not an easy thing to do).  Her voice is amazing.  She has the range of Florence and Paula Cole, with a frostiness all her own.  Not that she’s cold, she’s frosty, like a great glass of iced tea.  She goes down smoothly.  While the music behind spins around and around like a kaleidoscope, her voice roots it all in this funky, stellar ground.  She reminds quite a bit of Kate Bush, but don’t ever get the feeling she is imitative.  What Lionheart does is all her own; she might have influences, but she is, at the end of the day, Monica Lionheart.  I love this sound.  I feel in touch with her.

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