Funky But Chic Dance Grooves: Pillar Point – “Strange Brush”

Pillar Point

Pillar Point

“Strange Brush”

Marble Mouth

Scott Reitherman, aka Pillar Point, is releasing a new album on January 22.  According to Reitherman’s FB, his new album

is wrapped in vintage synthesizers, drum kits and dark slinking bass lines, pulsating with an organic heartbeat beneath a warm, analog fabric.  When the vocals appear like an unhinged Ray Davies urging you to come dance, it’s an invitation you can’t refuse.
Take a sunset trip out to Pillar Point and feel love like a kick drum.

I had to repost that because I couldn’t have done a better job myself.  Pillar Point is on the same record label (PolyVinyl) as ofMontreal, and that fits so well.  Pillar Point has that individual sound and amazing inconsistency of their label mates, meaning that every song sounds completely different from the one before.  This is a great talent.  I love Pillar Point.  I hope he tours the Pittsburgh area.  I’ll be there; front row.

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