Future Prog: Brim Liski – “A Different View”

Brim Liski

“A Different View”


Thank Artemis for forward looking bands such as Brim Liski.  Sounding like they came from some future time and some future place (maybe Sun Ra’s planet), Brim Liski is  a duo comprised of experimental multi-versed digital artist Cacheflowe (aka Justin Gitlin) and Ryan Policky, who is vocalist and producer for renowned prog-gazers A Shoreline Dream.  Based in Colorado with roots also in the Netherlands, Brim Liski makes interestingly dense and complex prog music.  In my ears, I sense a bit of Echo & the Bunnymen and The Teardrops Explode with a touch of the Clan of Xymox, but so original you will know you are hearing something new.  This is great music, proving that prog is not dead.

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