Garage Blues: Darkwing – “Necropants”



Super Silver

I love these punks.  First, they name their band after one of cartoon heroes.   Then, they name one song, “Necropants”.  So cool and hilarious.  This group of misfits from Brooklyn, consisting of Louis, Rich, Sharif, and Zack, Darkwing make music that is garage based, lo-fi, insanely out there, plain old fun.  I love this band.  This is exactly what I needed.  These short blurbs sum up Darkwing better than I can:

Oscillating between utter apathy and extreme paranoia.

Like a fear that invites challenge and complacency that induces idle self-loathing, all the while seeking to experience the radical

This is great music.  They describe how I live my life.  And explains why I don’t leave my house, oh, but when I do.

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