Garage Punk: Soft Lions – “Freeway”


Soft Lions



What a great, poppy song with the great DIY guitar sound and a bass line that won’t stop.  With that great stutter beat, the vocals just float over the song.  The San Diego trio Soft Lions was dreamed up by songwriter Megan Liscomb (guitar / vocals) in 2013. She is backed by Jon Bonser (drums) and Ana Ramundo (keys/ vocals).  This band has that great garage rock/punk sound reminiscent of early Blondie, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Modern Lovers.  I love the guitar sound.  I can’t emphasize too much how much I love Liscomb’s guitar playing.  It is so original.  Just slightly off, which makes me love it more.  Take a listen to Soft Lions.  You will be surprised how much you’ll love them.

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