Gender-Bending R&B: MIDDLESPOON – “SomeOne”




MIDDLESPOON have definitely proven that R&B-fused pop dance music is not a dirty word.  In fact, in the hands of masters like MIDDLESPOON, you are going to be yelling for more.  The Austin-based duo is making some of the most demanding and toe-tapping music out there.  As their press states:

MIDDLESPOON is making the best music you’ve never heard. MIDDLESPOON is the gender-bending love child of DJ/Producer Jinx McGee and vocalist Alexander Beatz, who are steering pop music away from its heteronormative traditions. The Austin duo’s fresh take on issues from polyamory to patriarchy to transphobia are layered over whimsical, bouncy beats that could turn any protest march into a block party. MIDDLESPOON’s experiment of straining pop through their own queer filter has culminated in HouseWife, their debut album, out in the spring of 2018 on Banana Pop Records.

Beatz has one of those great pop voices, while McGee is producer non-pareil.  I love this group.  This of an even bolder, more R&B-based Erasure.  Thanks guys.  I’m dancing now.

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