GeO Louis Defines True Love in HIM

geo louis him coverThe gay world has many pop icons. However, as the world progresses, Hollywood still struggles to allow more LGBTQ recording artists and actors to come out and express their true selves. GeO Louis is not one of them. The self proclaimed New York singer recently went bicoastal to further his career and boy are we glad he did! HIM depicts a sexually confused love triangle featuring a closeted actor vying for the attention of his gal and the forever glamorous GeO Louis as an out and proud man suffering the ramifications a notorious L.A.’s nightmare.

The Work songster’s debut music video gives one hope for the future amidst utter heartbreak. It conveys a sensual tale based on seemingly true events of the artist’s love life, dreams and aspirations once landing in California.

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I remember GeO’s first stage performance in a NYC gay hotspot and I recall several thereafter. HIM demonstrates just how the Over & Over performer has evolved as he slowly takes us back to a time when he launched his singing aspirations at just twelve years of age. It leaves us yearning for more of an artist living his ultimate dream according to his rules. Join me in celebrating the forever versatile GeO by dropping a buck on his new track here on iTunes and here on Amazon and sharing this article with your friends and family.

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Relationships and sex might belong in the shadows; nonetheless, GeO forces them to the edge in this heartwarming romance placing HIM directly in the limelight.

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Despite new musical releases everyday, two songs seem to remain fixtures on my iphone playlists. GeO Louis snagged me with Work and kept me captivated in Over & Over helping me Stand Up and be the man I am today. For that I am eternally grateful.

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HIM the music video was directed by Mairin Hart and edited by Casey Black. It features: Michael Coghlan, Veronica Wolf and Kaitlyn Nichols.


Also visit for info on the release of his upcoming album!

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  1. Epilogue: If you haven’t noticed, I don’t have a pic posted nor have I shared much real personal information with my followers. That is simply because I am closeted. HIM was written to portray a story like mine and give me the confidence to break barriers. I know what it must feel like to date me and this song is the translation. Thank You GeO!

  2. Wow GeO ! The song and the message was simply amazing! Great work and I know your family is very proud of you!

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