Glad To Be Sad: The Pacing Party – “Creep/Freak”

The Pacing Party



What a tremendous sound The Pacing Party have.  Think Conor Oberst singing lead for Modest Mouse with a more melodic sound.  That’s what The Pacing Party has.  Daniel Gardner, front person for the band, says:

“Creep/Freak’ is a stupidly brazen unrequited love song. The narrator has these grand romantic visions of how this girl and him would be perfect together, while the girl is simply not interested. It’s a tongue in cheek, futile plea for a chance to prove that he would be the best at loving her.”

Coming from small-town Alaska through the music scene of Portland, Oregon, The Pacing Party is Daniel Gardner, and he is obviously a literate, straight-forward thinking, hopeless romantic, which I totally identify with.  This is a great sound, nostalgic while futuristic at the same time.  Watch out for The Pacing Party.  This band is going to be HUGE.

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