Gloom: United Sounds Of Joy – “Where Those Who Fall Are Left Behind”

Photo by Lawrence McCarthy

United Sounds Of Joy

“Where Those Who Fall Are Left Behind”

War is A Force That Gives Us Meaning

There is beauty in sadness, and United Sounds Of Joy are experts on sadness.  Where Those Who Fall Are Left Behind sets a unsettling lyrical mixture of empathy and misanthropy in opposition to a sonic backdrop that teeters on the point of being uplifting.  United Sounds of Joy are Michael J. Sheehy and Alex Vald.  In the 90’s, they were members of Film City Fan Club, and even though it’s been 20 years since they have played together, the magic is still there.  More electronic than their debut album, the new album is heavy and sad, so perfect for fall/winter and for the political climate of today.  I love this sound.  The dark Goth is so beautifully and effortlessly applied by United Sound of Joy.  This is the band to bring you down gorgeously.

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