Grainy Rock ‘n’ Roll: Ula Ruth – “Strung Out”

ula ruth

Ula Ruth

“Strung Out”


This is an amazing band.  The band – Nic James (vocals, rhythm guitar) Andrew LeCoche (lead guitar), Kevin Clymer (bass) and Luc James (drums) – formed in 2012 by brothers Nic and Luc, who named the band after their grandmother, Ula Ruth.  Nic’s voice is penetrating and beyond description.  And the fact that they have such a cool Grandmother just makes things better.  I love the fact that their publicity still is grainy, black + white, which fits the sound of the music so well.  On November 3rd, the guys will play their show for their Communion (Catfish and the Bottlemen, Tennis, Rubblebucket) residency in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2. This should be one of the great shows.  Wish I were in NYC.  And they will be able to shine with this group of great bands.  Ula Ruth do have a Rubblebucket-type of show, so this is a great pairing.  Break a leg, dudes.  Ula Ruth is my kind of band; dark and gritty.  

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