Great Hip Hop: I.L.Y.A. – “Franklin” “Pour It Out”




“Pour It Out”


I.L.Y.A. (I Leave You Amazed) has made the best hip hop song since Die Antwoord and M.I.A., and also the best money song since ABC’s “How To Be A Billionaire” or Camille’s “Money Note”.  Coming from Russia, I.L.Y.A. has hit the hip hop market with a killer song that seriously tells the truth about Western Society’s love with money.  Then there is “Pour It Out” from Hydra.  Another great hip hop song.  I.L.Y.A. really is one of the brightest spots in modern music I have ever heard.  All you fakes out there, move over.  This guy has all the hooks and lyrics.  This is true genius.  As his bio states about “Pour It Out”:

The track lyrically enforces the process of letting go and is enhanced with a minor downbeat arrangement. As a songwriter and producer, I.L.Y.A. brings purposeful lyrics to hooky melodies that make his music addictive.

This original hybrid of great music is some of the best coming down to pike.


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