Groovy Coolness: Bien Bien – “She Grooves Me”


Bien Bien

“She Grooves Me”

She Grooves Me

Wow, what a sound.  The mix of soul, indie rock, hip hop, and jazz makes Bien Bien’s new EP something special.  If you can’t smile and sway while hearing “She Grooves Me”, you’re dead.  The band’s founding members, Javi (vox, guitar), Marshall Arts (guitar) and Coniferous Wallace (beats, percussion), have the vibrant and youthful community of Madison, Wisconsin under their reverberant and colorful spell.  And well they should.  Pardon the pun, but “She Grooves Me” is one of the grooviest song I’ve ever heard.  Sometimes sounding like the Sound of Philadelphia soul, sometimes like a calm Deee-Lite, sometimes a little like a laid back Sublime, Bien Bien has the perfect mix of all the genres.  Javi could have sung for the O Jays or the Spinners.  Good job, guys.  You won a fan for life here.

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