Harts funk-tastic new single “Peculiar”

Harts, Peculiar, Funk, Groove

Harts creates a festival of sounds, genres and transcends the RARE and typical spectacular single with “Peculiar.” There is a cohesive blend of R&B, funk and electronic that flow together almost naturally. Harts is quickly gaining notoriety from his performances on several awards show and at many festivals, get ready to see the next big music star born this summer!

From the label below:

After releasing the first single, “All Rise (Play It Cool)” from the new album in October, Harts took off to Thailand to play the Wonderfruit Festival. He’s also picked up support from Dutch National Public Radio 3voor12, planning on international touring this year to reach his growing fanbase abroad. His singles “Streets”, placed in Subaru Australia’s W-Wah-X campaign, and “Leavin It All Behind”, featured in Rimmel London’s ad staring Kate Moss, have reached millions around the globe.

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