HEAR: 1955 – “Glory Days”



“Glory Days”

Ever hear that song that reminds you of something from your past, but all of a sudden you realize you’ve never heard anything like it; instead, it seems like it was written just for you.  That’s what the new single from 1955 seems like.  I know I never heard the combination of Dylan with the sing-a-long of Pharrell, sorry, I know that’s a strange combination.  Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, 1955 includes Sasha Papadin (vocals, guitar, keys), Kieran Maloney (drums, vocals), Dane Gaffney (drums) and Jake Studer (lead guitar).  They make music that isn’t easy to categorize, but makes you happy.  I really like the originality.  This is like looking at a okapi for the first time; you see a giraffe head, a camel neck, a zebra body, but it combines to something new and beautiful (oh, if you’ve never seen an okapi, google it).  1955 is like that; they bring all this different musical hodgepodge today and make something new.  1955 is highly recommended.  Go for it.  Listen to the okapis of rock.

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