HEAR: Aaron Parnell Brown, “Can’t Stop”

aaron parnell brown

Aaron Parnell Brown

“Can’t Stop”

The Tin Man

Who said R&B is dead?  No one told Aaron Parnell Brown.  This man has a powerful, sexy voice that brings back all those memories of when Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and the Philly Soul sound dominated (deservedly) the radio.  This is the voice of this generation, and “Can’t Stop” is the song of the summer.  So sultry, so beautiful, and the production is perfect; crisp, clear, never overpowering.  Brown’s voice is perfectly balanced by the great guitar work.  It’s like B B King came back to play.  I love this man.  What a great voice.

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  1. Reading your book is a bit like reading a neverending vdare article. The entire time I can't help thinking I've read this some place before, as well as being proud that this "our Steve" making a splash out there. (<– sentimental fool, I know, I know.)

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