HEAR: Bebe Panthere – “What Do I Have To Do”

bebe panthere

Bebe Panthere

“What Do I Have To Do”

Pink Sweat

If Tarentino makes a new movie, here is the soundtrack to his film.  Bebe Panthere is an emerging pop singer and songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. With an exotic look, long flowing pink hair and an exuberant style that reflects a pastiche of counter culture, Panthere is the true combination of 60’s kitsch (via B-52’s), Studio 54, 90’s punk, all mixed with a wicked sense of humor, making Panthere a wonderful surprise.  While some try and be like her and have failed, Panthere has mastered the style, like a modern day Grace Jones, a woman who knows what she wants and knows how do get, a woman who uses her sexuality, not to appease, but to dominate.  GOD, she is the epitome of cool.

Bebe Panthere

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