HEAR: Blankus Larry – “No Time No Money/Girl You Make Me Wanna

Blankus Larry

Blankus Larry

“No Time No Money/Girl You Make Me Wanna”


I just had to review both sides of the new single by Blankus Larry, both the F side and the U side.  I fucking love garage punk, and Blankus Larry makes the best garage punk I’ve heard since the Ramones and the Adverts and the Buzzcocks.  All of this done with a modern twist.  They are not a retro band; they are a band of complete crazies making brilliant music.  Paul Revere and the Raiders or the Seeds would kill to have sounded like Blankus Larry.  I can’t tell you how much I love this band.  It’s so great to hear a bad that can really annoy the neighbors if you play them loud.  (My neighbor plays music to annoy me, but not this type of music).

According to their promo:

Blankus Larry’s core songwriters, Bloody Larry (guitar/vocals) and Durdy Larry (drums), met and began recording music together in late 2008. Drawing inspiration from ‘50s surf, ‘60’s garage and psychedelic, ‘70’s glam and punk and ‘90’s indie rock, the two self-produced and released four EPs, including Scupper, Dirty White Melancholy Fades, Satellite Shrine and As Good as They Wanna Be, over the course of a year. After adding Cuzin Larry (bass), MarionLarry (guitar), Neon Larry (organ) and Dub Larry (percussion) to their live lineup, the band began playing shows at notable DC venues, such as The 9:30 Club, The Rock and Roll Hotel, and The Paperhaus, as well as Alchemy NFK in Virginia. Influences for Blankus Larry include The Kinks, The Cramps and The Stooges.

You can see the Cramps and the Stooges in their work.  I HAVE TO SEE THIS BAND LIVE.  Come to Pittsburgh guys.  We got some great dive bars for you to play.

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