HEAR: Boogarins “As Plantas Que Curam” Stream


Brazilian Alt-Rock duo boogarins have released a stream of their fuzzy new Latin fusion album “As Plantas Que Curam” (the plants that heal) exclusively on The Fader.

Boogarins remind me of a Latin equivalent to the Black Keys; though in this case it’s a Portugese garage rock sound rather then the Americana-tinged art house sound we are used to in albums like “el Camino.”

Boogarins was formed by Fernando Almeida and Benke Ferraz, who met in high school in Goiania. Influenced by tropicalia music and American Rock; what surprises me about Boogarins is their gift for melodic structure. The overall sound is housed in a grungy place, yet is lilting and earthy-beautiful. And though I don’t speak Portugese, it’s not entirely necessary. Their passion and wild musical flairs make them an anything-goes and anyone-is-welcome kind of band. They’re almost hypnotic, and I have to admit the album has me craving caipirinhas on the beach…

Their album is out on the 29th, be sure to check it out.


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