HEAR : Carly Rae Jepsen – “Emotion”


I am completely surprised (as is most of the world) with Carly Rae Jepsen’s newest album “Emotion“. She has totally won my heart! Her first single from early summer “I Really Like You” was definitely a song that sounded like a Carly song with a repetitive chorus, simple lyrics and a memorable beat, BUT after listening to more released tracks and the album in it’s entirety I have fallen for this 80’s pop throwback themed release!

This year a Carly contemporary, Taylor Swift, dropped some major hit pop songs (which she has been saying are “so easy to write”) and were way out of the T-Swift realm most of her fans were used to. She found success in the shift into mainstream pop music with her album “1989“. This ongoing nod to popular 80’s sounding songs from artists who were barely alive then, has a been such a trend this year. I think that Carly and her team have really mastered it though. From the catchy first single to her second go to slow-synth jam “All That” (where she totally gathers inspiration from a Taylor Dane/ Paula Abdul sound) she wanders perfectly through this experimental phase and matches it with her vanilla vocals. Each song delivers a new emotion (excuse the pun) and keeps me waiting for what track is next.

This album has come as quite the surprise to the media, to her fans and even to the artist herself! She has been doing the rounds on late night shows and talk shows saying how happy she is that people are responding so positively to the album. Remembering her from the “Call Me Maybe” days I’m sure a lot of us thought she would be a one-hit wonder and end up doing reality tv within the coming years to keep her name alive. She doesn’t need a gimmick or a show to get herself into the homes and ears of America or the rest of the world! She has found a sound, kept an audience and has never looked (or sounded) better! I am looking forward to her growing into her artistry and for the next experimental sound she has in mind.

Hear the album on Spotify below!


Kevin Charles Ross

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