HEAR: Chvrches “The Bones of What You Believe”


You can stream indie-synth-scot band Chvrches new album on NPR right now.

Chvrches have taken the Indie world by storm. After popping up in a few festival circuits in the US and UK, the group have released a few singles online to rabid acclaim. Their debut “The Bones of What You Believe,” is, in a sense, a long time coming. The group got their start after collaborating on different projects separately. Knowing that they all share mixed backgrounds informs your interpretation of their collective sound.

They have a youthful anthemic sound; like Arcade Fire meets Chairlift, meets Blondie. This seems to be a trend in Indie music lately-a somewhat innocent/naive sounding lead female vocal over cascading synth architecture. Their sound has heart, but I’m not entirely convinced of any ingenuity. They do what they do well; the songs are polished and sell themselves efficiently. Still, I’m not convinced there’s a fully formed personality yet.

The sum of their parts add up to a great musical formula, they just need to forge their own niche in a world of copycats and wannabes.

This is how you Fuzz.

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