HEAR: Craig Martinson – “Burning Monk”

craig martinson3

Craig Martinson

“Burning Monk”

My Love Is True

“Burning Monk” is another of Martinson’s song about love and lost, and it is as wonderful as anything he has ever done.  I really love Martinson’s original upbeat take on love.

Originally from Boston, Martinson played and recorded with various bands around the city, while gaining experience working in the studio with hopes of becoming an indie-music producer. After writing and recording a full length album, H​eartbeat in 2012,Martinson moved to NYC and began building a following as an arranger/composer, performer and session drummer. Ultimately, Martinson decided to resume exploration of his own voice in the resurgent 60’s pop-rock scene.

All I know, I love Martinson and his whole style and his voice and his colorfulness.  Martinson wears his heart on his sleeve without flinching.  This is beautiful music, begging to be listened to.

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