HEAR: Crossley Hunter – “Devil Smiling”

crossley hunter

Crossley Hunter

“Devil Smiling”

Crossley Hunter

Wow, talk of a band that is full of surprises.  Crossley Hunter is one of the most pleasant surprises I have had for a long, and this old girl doesn’t surprise easy.  Take for instance, “Devil Smiling”.  It starts out softly, with the lead singer sounding like the lead singer of Eve 6 fronting an Americana band, then the electric guitar kicks in with the bass and piano, and the harmonies, those heavenly harmonies.  You’ve got to hear the whole album to appreciate how tight these harmonies are.
And the piano;  I’m a sucker for piano (the one instrument I can almost play) and I know a great pianist when I hear one.

Based in Southern Ontario, the band is comprised of members Justin Hammond (vocals and acoustic guitar), Michelle Meesters (vocals and keyboard), Stephen Bonnet (guitars) and Jason Meesters (drums). CBC Magazine says “Songwriter Justin Hammond’s acoustic guitar bounces beautifully off of lead guitarist Stephen Bonnett’s,” and “Hammond’s vocals intertwine gracefully with Michelle Meesters’s harmonies and driving piano.” The band began playing together in 2010.

This quote from CBC Magazine sums them up perfectly.  Another great import from Canada.  Thank you.


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