HEAR : David Gilmour – “Rattle That Lock”




Well a rock legend has graced us with his newest endeavor of guitar solos and sweeping tones this month. Pink Floyd front man (and original member) David Gilmour has released “Rattle That Lock” his fourth studio album to date. Floyd fans were treated to a little surprise last November when the members of the band decided to make an album of rare B-sides from the “Division Bell” sessions; the album was received with luke warm reactions due to the fact that it wasn’t really new music but just solos and interludes not deemed suitable for the 1994 album.

This latest effort has a lot of us very excited to hear that Gilmour is still in great shape musically and vocally (and that he has a full tour happening around this release)! The album has 10 tracks in total and each one stands on its own merit. It’s apparent that Gilmour has been influenced by a lot of other musicians and has been working out different styles to play and write for. He has his typical melodic and other worldly guitar riffs as well as some pretty poignant lyrics to offer. In all it isn’t anything groundbreaking but it is a new glimpse into one of the greatest minds music has ever been graced with as well as another chapter for Pink Floyd fans to add to their opus of psychedelic rock.

Enjoy the album below and check out my new additions to the AudioFuzz playlist!

Kevin Charles Ross

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