HEAR: Deaf Rhino – “Ghosts”

deaf rhino

Deaf Rhino


Dirt, Rust, Chaos

What a great song, what a great band.  This band kicks ass, just like a deaf rhino; the band just tramples over the competition.  Deaf Rhino doesn’t do “frills” – this is straight up, gritty, sexy rock n’ roll music. I am so excited about this band.  This is going to be the band of the year.  Thank you goddess for giving up Deaf Rhino.  Their CD Dirt, Rust, Chaos, is out and kicking ass.

The 10-track album “brings the groovy, the melodic, and the aggressive all into one, with just the perfect hint of lipstick-and-leather-jacket smolder to carve it out from a blaring wall of sound into a rock & roll experience. Even the surreal imagery of a deaf rhino sprinting at you in slow motion is a perfect match to the monstrous riffs and heart-racing drums.” (Property of Zack)

Listen to this band, if you dare.

Track Listing:

1. Ghosts*
2. Infinity
3. Don’t Believe What You Heard*
4. If I Could*
5. The Water*
6. Hey You*
7. Love Don’t Matter To Me*
8. The Heights
9. The Dance Of You
10. Once In A Lifetimeon

* singles are all public on Soundcloud

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