HEAR: Digisaurus – “Make A Move”



“Make A Move”

No More Room For Love

Besides having one of the greatest names ever, Digisaurus’ new song has a beat that Niles Rodgers would kill for.  I can hear this song being played in every dance club around the world.  It is that good.  The track explores the difference between sex with an emotional connection and casual sex.  And you can tell.  The song and the EP it comes from are the brainchild of frontman/producer James Allison, featuring some of Ohio’s most renowned musicians, including Jeff Martin (drummer for Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons). An ode to the evolution of music, the Digisaurus sound fuses 70’s funk, 90’s guitar rock, smooth trip-hop and modern-soul undertones.  I couldn’t say it better myself.  If you love Sly and the Family Stone and Parliament, throw in some Robin Trower, and a mix of Fatboy Slim and Sam Smith, and you get Digisaurus.  Dance your ass off, kids.

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