HEAR: Dreamy, Interstellar Pop | Endless Forms – “Into The Swarm”

Endless Forms, into the swarm, indie rock, alternative rock, dream pop, indie popWe are thrilled to share “Into the Swarm” by Endless Forms with you. The song is a stunning display of work, ethereal of fantastical in nature. The swirling synths and guitars melt into your brain and feels so visceral listening to this stellar track. This will be released in April 2023 with a full-length album, House of Love scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023.

Endless Forms was started by writer and producer Justin Allen in 2015 with the release of his debut Lazarus — a thoughtful album reaching out for a cathartic answer to life’s looming existential questions. Endless Forms’ subsequent releases — 2017’s ‘If There Were Water’, 2020’s ‘More Than Candy’ and 2022’s ‘Electric Heat Hypnotized’ each dive progressively further into the fractal, sonically evolving with each release into a dreamy marriage of deep atmosphere, layered rhythms, and earnest lyrics.


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