Hear – Evil Arrows – “The Broken Heart Police”

evil arrows

Evil Arrows

“The Broken Heart Police”

Again, Brooklyn comes up with all the surprises.  Bryan Scary has combined a group of musicians that make music that sounds as if Brian Eno and Sid Barrett had a love child while high on technology.  This is the ultimate synth pop music. Eno, one of the greatest, would love this song.  It has the technological gadgetry, the whimsical lyrics, and the serene beautiful vocals combined with the glam spirit that does not take itself to seriously.  Evil Arrows have decided that, just because you are made up of talented musicians doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  The band has been proclaimed to have one of the most interesting live performances ever.  That carries onto the recorded content here.  It reminds the listener of Here Come The Warm Jets or See Emily Play by doing the impossible:  combine pop music, technical expertise, and whimsy all in one place.  Thank the whimsical gods for this band.


Evil Arrows

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