HEAR: Exclusive Brand New Track from ZERO 7



The UK band that started the career of SIA and Tina Dico, and has been featured in countless television shows and movies, is back with an amazing new song and you’re hearing it here first!

The duo is releasing a brand new EP (12″ and digitally) on September 2nd. Here is a little blurb from the group:

” Finding ourselves with a load of new music and without a record label, we’ve decided to go it alone for a bit. We’d like to get the tracks we’ve been working on recently off the hard drive and out into the warm air as soon as possible. So, we’re going ahead with a series of digital releases and some small runs of vinyl. First up is a white label 12″ featuring two vocal tracks recorded earlier this year in our studio in London. Both tracks were written with singers we haven’t worked with previously. On My Own features Danny Pratt (AKA Danny Boy), a native of Canberra, Australia who we met in London last year. This is the first of a couple of songs we plan to release featuring Danny on vocals. We’re really glad to get this one out as we’ve been into for a while. On the flip, Don’t Call it Love is one of many tracks that we’ve co written recently with the mysterious and benevolent singer/songwriter Tom Leonard from Los Angeles. A bit of sunshine music from the west coast via NW6! We really hope you enjoy these tracks and we’ll be back with the next installment very soon “

I am obsessed with this song. Spread the word!



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