Hear – Fable Cry – “Onion Grin”

fable guy

Fable Cry

“Onion Grin”

If, like myself, you love gypsy music, Oingo Boingo, and Gogol Bordello, you will love this band.  The juxtaposition of the story telling techniques of Tom Waits and the Eastern European feel of Fable Cry’s music make an interesting contrast.  This band is definitely different from the usual.  Their shows are supposedly carnivals of fun.  Bands like Fable Cry are just what rock and roll needs.  Being a huge fan of Borodin and Khacturian, I can hear those influences in Fable Cry’s music.  One little bit of warning:  don’t let them tell your fortune.  I’m not sure they would be honest.  Come to Pittsburgh, guys, and prove me wrong.


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