HEAR: Feuding Fathers – “Brass Knucks”

Austin, TX duo Feuding Fathers announce their forthcoming full-length debut album today, sharing the first track via Consequence of Sound. The song Brass Knucks is available to stream/share HERE.

The album, Kid Tested, Father Approved will be available August 13th on LP and download.

Everyone knows that math rock typically doesn’t gather the attention of girls. This is a harsh truth, however it’s a crucial realization in the nature of all things. Math rock is a relentless and lonesome road appreciated solely by societies’ “unawarely exclusive.” Techies, instrumentalists and sound nerds alike, whose sole ambition in life is to discuss rad gear and odd time signatures, are considered kin to drummer Mason Macias and vocalist/guitarist Dustin Coffman, the power duo known simply as Feuding Fathers.

Feuding Fathers formed in July 2011. One month later came the swift digital release of their first self-titled EP, and six months later saw a left hook of an album rightfully labeled, Trust Me, I’m A Father. Both releases were completely self-recorded and convened enough street credibility to usher them into the top tread of a blossoming Texas math rock scene (which is still a hilarious and drastic cry from the top of the totem pole). Rather than cling to their adolescence, the duo went on a full scale west coast tour with their accomplices in the group Boyfrndz. Once home, their prompt return to the workshop had them departing from their home studio in the process. Their latest album, titled Kid Tested, Father Approved is an isolated look at an extremely technical and fast paced form of music; delivering far more than just confusion to listeners unfamiliar with the genre.

Kid Tested, Father Approved yields an internal feeling that soars in absolutely every aspect while still allowing them to maintain a firm attachment to their roots. In doing so, they have exceeded the perimeters confining pop sensibility and technical rock entirely.


07/10  Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain
08/24  Austin, TX @ Beerland
08/17  Austin, TX @ TBA (album release party)

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