HEAR: Fit for Rivals – “Special Kind of Crazy”

fit for rivals

Fit for Rivals

“Special Kind Of Crazy”


Fit for Rivals from Jacksonville, FL, is comprised of Renee Phoenix (lead vocals), Thomas Amason (guitar/backing vocals), Dorman Panfoeder (drums), Eli Clark (bass/backing vocals) and Rufino Lomboy (lead guitar).  What a band!!!  Imagine Queens of the Stone Age meets the Dandy Warhols with a great female singer and you have Fit for Rivals.  Wait, that’s unfair.  It doesn’t matter if Phoenix is male or female; what matters is the kick, the music, her great voice, the fun the band has.  There must be something in the water in Jacksonville that is producing a great music scene.  We need more Fit for Rivals.  I LOVE THIS BAND.

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