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ghosts of eden

Ghosts of Eden


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“Prizefighter” starts out with a sucker punch to solar plexus, which is so appropriate for a song that tells the story of how nobody winds up a winner in a confrontation with someone you love.  Ghosts of Eden kick ass, as is what one would expect from a band from NYC.  Guys, don’t know what you’re or drinking, but keep it up.  Ghosts of Eden capture perfectly those fights that happen during relationships, the fact when lovers fight, there is no winner.  In “Prizefighter”, the only winner is the listener.  What a band.  Ghosts of Eden is a powerhouse quartet that rocks out better than most bands out there.  This is great rock ‘n’ roll, reminiscent of the hard rock of the 80’s and 90’s without the posturing.  You wish Van Halen could sound this tough, or Bad Company. Cannot wait for more from this band.


Ghosts of Eden

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