HEAR: HAWKING – “Cold Hands”



“Cold Hands”


Amazing song.  HAWKING, from Canada, create a sound that is so unique.  HAWKING is made up of Tom Vanderkam (lead vocals/guitar), Ben Klassen (guitar/vocals), Chris Young (bass/vocals) and Chartwell Kerr (drums/vocals).  They create tapestries of sound supporting vocals of beauty.  There is something uncanny about their songs.  Don’t try and count the beats.  I have no idea how they make “Cold Hands” so simple when the beat changes with almost every measure, which reflects the lyrics of the song so well.  The new track marks a change in the group’s musical direction, as they’re now writing bigger hooks, while still maintaining their technical, math-rock influences. They remind me of They Might Be Giants without the silliness.  HAWKING is on tour this summer.  Catch them when they hit your town.  It will certainly be an interesting experience.

Upcoming Tour Dates: 
4/23 – Seattle, WA
4/24 – Olympia, WA
4/25 – Portland, OR
5/21 – Kelowna, BC
5/22 – Kamloops, BC
5/23 – Golden, BC
5/25 – Banff, AB
5/27 – Calgary, AB
5/29 – Saskatoon, SK

Track Listing

1. Safe and Sound *
3. Books on Tape
4. Diastole
5. Systole

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