HEAR: Indie Happy Pop/Dance Music | POLUN – ‘Trillium’

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This is some superior pop/dance music and we are getting all the feels with POLUN’s Trillium album. He offers a buffet of sounds with his cohesive mix of Pop/Dance/R&B/Funk on this fantastic record. Each track blends perfectly into the next and you’ll find yourself moving a lot more than usual when you play this. Check out their press release and LISTEN below:

“I am excited to be sharing Trillium with you today, my debut EP inspired by my wife and I’s decade-long relationship. It’s named after the place where I proposed to her and captures the essence of our journey with its highs and lows.

“Love U Better” is a groovy and danceable track I collaborated on with Atom Martin. The song’s unique vibe is established by a four-on-the-floor beat coupled with a pulsing bassline over beautiful guitars.

It’s about how life is better with your significant other… I wanted to make a song about this realization and how you’ll do everything in your power to make sure they never leave you. Songs like this tend to be sad and slow so I wanted to change the narrative and put a positive spin on it – because loving someone better should be a happy thing that’s celebrated!

Hear my new EP, Trillium, over on Spotify (see below) | Apple Music

I wanted to put a part of my proposal in “Love U Better” so I took an audio snippet from a video I made at the Trillium Resort and snuck it into the intro. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear it briefly with the waves crashing and birds chirping.

Trillium captures the recognition that life, like relationships, is imperfect and has its share of ups and downs. I hope that my music inspires you to appreciate the journey and all the feelings that come with it.”

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