HEAR: Indie Pop/Rock | PWNT – “From Me to You”

PWNT, from me to you, indie rock, bedroom rock, pop-rock, audiofuzz, alternative rock, psychedelic rock
PWNT’s “From Me To You” is a shining example of bedroom indie pop-rock at its finest. The atmospheric and slightly psychedelic track instantly grabs you with its meticulously placed synths and cleverly crafted lyrics. PWNT asks “how long does it take to get from me to you” and we can tell you it didn’t take long! He got through to us right away.

Feels: like smooth velvet

Tastes: earthy and sweet

More About PWNT:
PWNT entered the indie music scene with his debut LP, “Days in the Summer” in 2021. Over the past two years he has been collecting credits with amazing acts like Hether, LP, Brijean, and more while making his best work yet as an artist. From Me to You is an immediate haymaker from PWNT bringing with it a slew of new songs over the coming months ahead of his second LP.

The track displays what Kosta does best – make art/music that feels both brand new and altogether lost to time. You might find yourself looking up the artist wondering if he was peers with MGMT, Oasis, or maybe even Todd Rundgren. While all those are apt appraisals for sonic peers of PWNT the project manages to push things into a new stratosphere, and this first single is all the proof that you need of what is to come on Play What’s Not There.

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