HEAR: Jonesin’ and The Hurt – “Please Give Me”


Jonesin’ and The Hurt

“Please Give Me”

Why Not?

Now here is a great band; the band you want to go see live.  Sounding a little like Mumford & Sons hill folk cousins, Jonesin’s and the Hurt move and groove along in that same tempo, which is great.  Their songs sound right from the heart, with these slight twangs that adds authenticity to their music.  As Deli Magazine states:

“Why Not? puts a bounce in your step with rustic roots…transforming moods with nice harmonies over a smooth groove.”

And smooth is right.  This is another perfect summer band.  Honestly, with the weather hot in the day, and the nights short, don’t waste time on other bands to chill out with.  Just listen to Jonesin’ and the Hurt.  You’ll be “Jonesin'” for a fix of their music all summer long.

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