HEAR: Lord Huron – “Strange Trails”

Lord Huron – Strange Trails 

I’ve recently discovered a band that is becoming my new obsession for Spring. They are Lord Huron. Their newest album Strange Trails was just released on April 7, which is only their sophomore album. As a sound of music it has the inspirations of George Harrison’s early solo work while carrying the tinge of artists like Beck, Dire Straits and Bruce Springsteen. Lord Huron is a Los Angeles based band but the founder Ben Schneider hails from Michigan. Their music continually gives me the urge to go wandering and to discover evertime I play their music. I think if I were to journey into the woods, get lost and watch Spring blossom, they would be my entire soundtrack. One of my favorite tracks from the newly released album is “The World Ender”. Its a track that could easily be the hero’s revenge song in a new Tarantino jaunt.

It doesn’t hurt to be taking in the sites around you while listening to both of their albums. Their first album Lonesome Dreams (2012) has some awesome sweeping folk songs that help give birth to your imagination over and over. Discovering Lord Huron is something that has given me hope in finding artists that can still produce music that evokes emotion so naturally.

Ill be continuing to cover new and emerging artists that I come across on a regular basis. Contact me if you have artists you think I’d enjoy listening to!

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– Kevin Charles Ross 

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