Hear – Meghann Wright – “Diamonds Blaze”

meghann wright

Meghann Wright

“Diamonds Blaze”

From the first kick of the guitar, you know you ain’t listening to Debbie Boone.  This is a true rocker in the Melissa Ethridge, Joan Jett, Siouxie, Poly Styrene style.  With lyrics like the following:

This world will change you this life will shape you
Though your heart aches just remember

Diamonds shine diamonds blaze
When they cut into you know that you are stronger than their blade

When you cant take the pain and tears
Remember it takes fire to make a stone thats stronger than your fears


Wright is here to show you that women are strong.  Wright describes herself as a feminist which is exactly what music needs.  She also has this Lita Ford going for her.  Meghann Wright is the type of musician that we need; one who doesn’t need anyone but herself to survive.


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