HEAR: Michael Graye Craves the “Rapture”


Michael Graye had this to say about his latest release:

“Rapture is an exploration of the dichotomy between two very relevant definitions of the word. Rapture is a surrealistic portrayal of the meeting of two lovers on the last night of the world; one seeks absolution and forgiveness, and the other seeks emotional and physical fulfillment.”

In order to complete the track, Michael utilized a clever social networking campaign in which he asked his fans to record and send him their own interpretation of the following original passage:

‘a man can be hopeful; today is the last day of living. The Rapture enfolds me, it holds me, it knows me.’

In fact, you can hear 17 separate recordings of this phrase, in English, Portugese, Spanish, and even Latin!

Michael (@michaelgraye), a native of New Mexico, has an extensive catalog of music, ranging from Classical performance, to experimental Electro-songwriting. He has performed live with Imogen Heap (whom he claims as one of his biggest inspirations), worked with Lynn Verlayne and Bob Leone (Lady Gaga), and produces all of his music in his home studio in Harlem.

I know where I’ll be during the rapture. I’ll be fuzzin.

You can find out more about Michael‘s work at www.mgraye.com , and his EP is available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rapture-ep-single/id745230446

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