HEAR: Monk Parker – “Sadly Yes”

monk parker

Monk Parker

“Sadly Yes”

How The Spark Loves The Tinder

If you’re drunk and alone at 3 AM, Monk Parker’s new song, “Sadly Yes”, is for you.  This song makes anything by Bright Eyes or Victor Krummenacher seem absolutely cheerful in contrast.  After my happy bouts (and I do have them), Monk Parker’s How The Spark Loves The Tinder is the perfect come down music.  And that is a great complement.  Being super bipolar as I am, I need the saddest music ever sometimes.  And Monk Parker fills that bill.  They explore those dark recesses of the soul that usually come out during a hungover Sunday, or coming down from heroin.  I love this band.  Another band I’m listening to over and over again.  Monk Parker is to music what Anne Sexton is to poetry.  Is there something no one is telling?  Are they related?

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